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Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor is responsible for discovering, listing and the valuation of all properties within the municipality. Sales, income and cost data are analyzed in order to determine the assessed value of each parcel included on the Tax List presented to the Bergen County Board of Taxation each January. This Tax List also includes a directory for parcel identification, information concerning exempt properties, tax data and a schedule of all tax ratables within the municipality.

The local property tax is measured by property values and is apportioned among taxpayers according to the assessed value of taxable property owned by each taxpayer.  It is a local tax assessed and collected by the Borough of Park Ridge for the support of the school district, county government, and municipal government. 

The amount of local property tax (tax levy) is determined each year by the amount of revenue needed to meet the municipal budget requirements not covered by fees and other revenue sources.  This along with the needs of the school district and the county determine the amount needed to be raised by taxation.  Therefore, the local property tax is determined by dividing the amount to be raised by the total assessed valuation of all properties expressed in $1.00 per $100.00 of taxable assessed property. 


Tax Assessor
Anthony J. Rinaldi, Jr.
 (201) 822-3114

Tax Collector/Assistant
Jessica Mazzarella
Phone: (201) 573-1800 x 513