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Shade Tree

Shade Tree Information

The Shade Tree Committee is a group of volunteers appointed by the Mayor and Council devoted to the beautification of the Borough through the regulation, planting and care of shade and ornamental trees, located on any public property, including public right-of-ways and parks.

In 1997, the Mayor and Council passed Borough Ordinance 97-5 , which codified the regulation and control of the Borough's shade trees.

The committee meets regularly. For information, please contact Councilman Capilli at

Learning a little about trees can help prolong their lives in a big way. What is d.b.h.? It is the diameter at breast height. This measurement is taken at approximately four and one-half feet off the ground.

Councilman - Council Liaison 
Matt Capilli

Jim Hespe                         
Peter Jacobson               
Donald Schwamb             
Joann Schwamb             
Gil Santos                       
Gwen Pardi