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Primary Election – Mail-in-Ballot Update

Mail-in-Ballots have gone out for the Primary Election, June 8, 2021. Only voters with active vote by mail requests will receive their ballot within 3 days. Voters with active requests who do not receive their ballot by May 5,2021 should call 201-336-7020 to request a duplicate. Please be advised that Tuesday, May 18, 2021 is the deadline for all new voter registrations for the Primary Election. The June primary will be conducted as an in person election.

Once you received your ballot and if you chose to cast your vote with it, make sure you fill it out and return it promptly. When you go to fill out your vote by mail ballot: First, darken in the circles next to the candidates of your choice. Secondly, place your ballot into the certification envelope, seal it without detaching the flap and make sure you sign it! Place the certification envelope into the return envelope, you can either mail it back or drop it in one of the secure drop boxes which are emptied daily.

Click here to see all of the drop box locations

Ballot Drop Boxes are available 24-hours.  Ballots must be in the Drop Box by 8pm on election night. Ballots left after 8PM on election night will be considered late and not counted.