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Information on the Park Ridge Leaf Removal Operations

The Park Ridge Department of Public Works (DPW) has begun the 2019 fall curbside leaf collection.  The crew will be working every day throughout the fall to pick up and transport over 2,800 tons of the leaves to a recycling facility located in Orangeburg New York.  This is a major undertaking that is done each year with a relatively small crew of DPW employees.

We wanted to provide the residents with some background on how the operation works.  In addition, we also will be providing a weekly update to try to better inform you on the sections of town the crew should be getting to in the upcoming week.

The DPW mainly uses a pushing and loading operation to efficiently remove the large volume of leaves and transport them to the recycling facility.  The main crew goes street-by-street and utilizes loaders and vehicles to push the leaves into large piles that are then loaded into two packer garbage trucks.  Once filled, they drive up to Orangeburg NY where the leaves are dumped and recycled.  During the heaviest time of the season, they may make up to eight or nine trips a day.

There is also a small crew that uses one leaf vacuum truck to safely pick up the leaves on the busy main roads.  These main roads include the following:

Fremont Ave
Spring Valley Road
Ridge Avenue
Pascack Road
Mill Road
Grand Avenue
Park Avenue
Kinderkamack Road
Prospect Avenue
Rock Avenue 
Fairview Avenue

The leaf vacuum truck can only be used when the leaves are dry and is not as efficient as the pushing and loading operation, but is used to avoid having the large loaders and equipment on the busy main roads.

The following map shows nine (9) zones in the Borough in the order that the crew travels around the town.  They start in Zone 1 and then go to Zone 2, and so on until all the zones are picked up.  Once completed, they immediately start the cycle over.  The full cycle is repeated several times during the season.  While the pushing crew works zone by zone, the leaf vacuum crew work on the main roads and if they are caught up will help the pushing crew in the zone they are working.

For the first few weeks of the season, the crew is able to get through each zone relatively quickly as the volume of leaves is generally low.  However, as more leaves come down and the volume increases, it takes more time to complete each zone and get through the full cycle.  Residents are asked to please be patient during this phase of the operation and understand that we are moving as fast as we can to get through each zone.

In order to better inform the residents, we will provide a weekly update every Friday in an e-mail blast and a posting on the Borough’s web site (  This update will advise the residents of the zones that were recently completed and where we should be in the upcoming week.

Please remember that leaves must be placed at the curb for pickup.  If they are blocked by cars or behind trees or poles we will not be able to pick them up.  In addition, branches cannot be mixed with the leaves.

If you have any questions on the leaf collection operation, please feel free to call the Borough Hall at 201-573-1800.

Leaf collection map

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