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Snow Removal & Plowing



The Borough of Park Ridge Public Works Department works very hard to make driving safer during snowy weather.  Residents will sometimes call and question why during one storm the roads where not as clear as another storm.  The answer is that no two snow storms are alike.  Various factors have an effect on the response to a snow storm, and the outcome of the plowing effort.  Some of the factors are the timing (time of day that the snow begins and ends, such as rush hour), air temperatures before and after the snow falls, type of snow (wet or dry), total amount of snow, rate of snow fall, wind conditions and the amount of time between successive storms. All of these factors have a direct effect on our snow removal effort.  Regardless, our consistent goal is to clear the roadways for safe driving as soon as possible.

Our procedure for handling snow storms is typically as follows:  When the snow begins to cover and stick to the road surfaces, we dispatch up to four Salter trucks to spread salt and grit.  Our initial focus is on the main roads and hills, and then the side streets. If conditions and predictions indicate that plowing will be necessary, additional personnel are dispatched to plow the roads.

For plowing, we divide the town into four zones and use three trucks in each zone. As with salting, the trucks focus on the main roads initially and then the residential streets.  While the storm is active, we generally plow the middle section of the road to keep them passable.  Eventually, when the snow stops falling, we plow and clear the roads from one curb to the other.  If the snow storm lasts for an extended period of time, we also need to schedule our plowing crews in shifts to allow them to get rest. 

Please remember that snow removal operations are being performed under emergency conditions.  Please help us in protecting the safety of your children playing in areas of accumulated snow.  The best step to take is not to allow unsupervised children out to play when snowplow operations are expected and until they are completed.

Here are tips for the homeowner:

Ø  If at all possible, AVOID DRIVING during a winter storm.  One of the greatest difficulties for the snow removal operations is dealing with the other drivers on the road.  You also have a much higher risk of getting into a vehicle accident during a snow storm so if you can avoid driving, please do so.

Ø  Do not park your car in the street during a snow storm.  If there are cars parked in the road, it makes it extremely difficult for our crew to properly plow the Road.  There is a Borough Ordinance (97-22) prohibiting this and you may be subject to a summons if you do not comply.

Ø  Do not shovel the last two (2) feet of your driveway until we have completed the curb to curb removal.  This should limit the amount of snow plowed back into this area.

Ø  If you do shovel the end of your driveway prior to our completion, place the snow to the right side of your driveway (with your back facing your house).  This will result in less snow in your driveway because the plow will push the snow away from your driveway.  Please understand that proper plowing operations for the roadway cannot prevent the redeposit of snow in driveway areas.

Ø  Residents hiring contractors to plow their driveways should remind the contractor that a Borough Ordinance prohibits pushing or placing snow back into or across the street. Doing so not only creates hazards for drivers, but also makes it difficult for the Borough to keep the streets clean.

Ø  If your designated garbage or recycling pickup day coincides with plowing activities, make sure your trash cans and recycling bins are well behind the curb or in the driveway so the plow will not hit them.

Ø  Borough Ordinance (86-1) mandates that it is the duty of all owners or tenants to remove or cause to be removed from the abutting sidewalks all snow or ice within eighteen (18) hours after the snow or ice has accumulated on the sidewalk. It is extremely important to make the sidewalks safe, especially for the children, Seniors and the handicapped community. Park Ridge has always been a community where neighbor helps neighbor and we encourage these efforts.

Ø  Another important Borough Ordinance (84-4.1) requires the owner, tenant or occupant of lands abutting any fire hydrant to clear the snow and ice up to a five-foot perimeter around hydrant. The removal of ice and/or snow must be completed within 24 hours after the final accumulation of snow or ice has ceased.  This is necessary to ensure that hydrants are accessible in case of an emergency.

For more information, please refer the Road Department section of the Park Ridge web site at  You can also call Borough Hall at 201-573-1800 if you have any questions.  We thank you for your anticipated cooperation.