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Hours: Tuesday 8:00AM - 4:00PM         Wednesday 8:00AM - 12:00PM
53 Park Ave, Park Ridge, NJ 07656

Contact Information:

  • Robert Campora - Tax Assessor    201-391-6161    email: Tax47@Bergen.org
  • Jesse Mazzarella - Tax Assistant   201-391-6161


The Tax Assessor is responsible for discovering, listing and the valuation of all properties within the municipality. Sales, income and cost data are analyzed in order to determine the assessed value of each parcel included on the Tax List presented to the Bergen County Board of Taxation each January. This Tax List also includes a directory for parcel identification, information concerning exempt properties, tax data and a schedule of all tax ratables within the municipality.

The local property tax is measured by property values and is apportioned among taxpayers acording to the assessed value of taxable property pwned by each taxpayer.  It is a local tax assessed and collected by the Borough of Park Ridge for the support of the school district, county government, and municipal government. 

The amount of local property tax (tax levy) is determined each year by the amount of revenue needed to meet the municipal budget requirements not covered by fees and other revenue sources.  This along with the needs of the school district and the county determine the amount needed to be raised by taxation.  Therefore, the local property tax is determined by dividing the amount to be raised by the total assessed valuation of all properties expressed in $1.00 per $100.00 of taxable assessed property. 


All appeals must be filed with the Bergen County Board of Taxation by April 1 st of each year, except those properties with an assessed value in excess of $750,000 which may be filed directly to the Tax Court in Trenton. Petitions of appeal with instructions may be obtained at the county office located at 25 East Salem Street in Hackensack or by calling 646-3185 after receipt of your postcard notification in February.

Added Assessment and Omitted Added Assessments

It is only logical that an improvement to your home will result in an increased selling price of your home and therefore, your property tax assessment will increase. This will take the form of an added assessment tax bill which you will receive in the mail at the end of October after the improvement is substantially completed for its intended use. This bill shall be payable on November 1, February 1 and May 1 and then the added assessment amount will be included in your annual tax bill received in June for the new tax year. Therefore, just as you planned ahead for this improvement, you should also plan ahead and set aside funds for the added assessment tax bill.

If you did not receive an Added Assessment Tax bill for work completed in the previous year, you will receive an “Omitted Added” Assessment bill in addition to an “Added Assessment” bill the year following the improvement.

Please note, not scheduling a final inspection for your building permit does not delay the added assessment tax bill.

Tax Deductions and Exemptions

Other information can be obtained by contacting:

State of New Jersey


Tax Hotline 609-292-6400

Automated Tax Information 800-323-4400

Bergen County Board of Taxation


One Bergen County Plaza, Room 370, Hackensack, NJ 07601 201-336-6300