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Electric Department Phone Number- 201-391-2113
William Beattie – Director of Operations - 201-391-2129 bbeattie@parkridgeboro.com
Paul Longo - General Supervisor of Electric Distribution - 201-391-3533 plongo@parkridgeboro.com
Angelo Dell'Armo - Project Engineer - 201-391-3533 adellarmo@parkridgeboro.com
Colleen Ennis – Director of Finance - 201-391-7130 cennis@parkridgeboro.com

Office Staff:
Angela Kent
Joseph Barnes
Nancy Russell
Jessica Mazzarella
Tom Mazzarella

Field Staff:
James Leichtnam - Supervising Line Worker
Shane Geanoules - Senior Line Worker
Paul Neumann - Line Worker
Silvestre Jose - Line Worker
Martino Ippolito - Line Worker
Bob Murken Jr. - Electrician/Line Worker
John Reynolds - Meter Reader

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Real Time Power Generation from the Utility Garage Solar System
Financial and Environmental Benefit of Park Ridge Utility Garage Solar System as of October 2013(PDF)
Comparison of Statewide Electric Rates
History of the Borough of Park Ridge Electric Department
Report a Street Light Out
Utility Department Purchases Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Sept 2003
Electric Department Rates