Due to the impending snowstorm predicted for Wed March 21, the contractor will be starting the curbside collection of commingled recyclables at 5AM.  Please make sure you get your commingled containers to the curb this evening.

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Park Ridge Announcements

4/27/2017 - Park Ridge 2017 Road Resurfacing Program Summary

Please be advised that the Borough recently went out to bid and has awarded a contract to D&L Paving Contractors to resurface a number of roads in Park Ridge.  The contract documents are now being process and the Borough will be working with the contractor to formulate a schedule to implement the project.  Once the schedule is developed, it will be posted on the Borough’s web page.

The following is a list of the streets that are included in this resurfacing program:

  • RIVERVALE ROAD - From Park Avenue to Park Avenue (full length)
  • LILLIAN STREET - From Rivervale Road to end (full length)
  • HAWTHORNE AVENUE – From # 68 to the north end
  •  ARROWHEAD ROAD - From Lenape to Laurel Hill Road (full length)
  •  LAUREL HILL ROAD – From Glendale Road to end (full length)
  •  GLENDALE ROAD - From Fremont Avenue to end (full length)
  •  LENAPE ROAD - From Awashawaugh Rd to Glendale Rd (full length)
  •  PINE DRIVE - From Fremont Avenue to end (full length)
  •  WEST PINE DRIVE - From Pine Drive to Pine Drive (full length)
  •  WILLOW COURT - From Pine Drive to end (full length)
  •  HIGHLAND STREET - From Broadway to Terrace Street
  •  VITTORIO COURT - From Park Avenue to end (full length)
  •  ELLIN COURT - From Ellin Drive to end (full length)
  •  ELLIN DRIVE - From Park Avenue to #255 Ellin drive
  •  LOCKWOOD PLACE - From Knoll Drive to Ellin Drive (full length)
  •  NORTH AVENUE - From Third Street to east end
  •  CROWN STREET - From Mountain Avenue to Colony Avenue (full length)
  •  FOREST STREET - From Midland Avenue to Colony Avenue
  •  RUSSET PLACE - From Mountain Avenue to Colony Avenue (full length)
  •  FIRE DEPARTMENT PARKING LOT - East side of the fire house
  •  LAFAYETTE AVENUE - From Colony Avenue to Grand Avenue
  •  PERRY STREET - From Hawthorne Ave to Linden Street
  •  OAK AVENUE - From Berthoud Street north to Borough limit

Please feel free to call Borough Hall at 201-573-1800 if you have any questions.

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