Notice of Overnight Water Main Shutoff Valve Repair (9/20/17 to 9/21/17):  Please be advised that a defective water main shutoff valve is being replaced overnight at the corner of Rock and Park Avenue.  Approximately 40 homes on Rock Ave, Park Ave, and Parkview will have water shut off for some time during the overnight period (all affected homes have been notified with hanging doorknob notices).  The work is to begin at 9PM and should be completed by 6AM.

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12/23/2011 - The Park Ridge Green Team Reminds You to Recycle and Keep the Holidays Green

The Park Ridge Green Team passes along a friendly reminder to all Park Ridge residents to recycle your holiday related recyclable paper products.  This includes cardboard gift boxes, greeting cards, envelops, wrapping paper, and paper shopping bags.  All of these items can be left out for the curbside paper collection (scheduled for December 28), or brought to the recycling center.


Remember that everything you recycle is kept out of landfills and also saves on the Borough’s garbage disposal costs.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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