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Park Ridge Announcements

4/10/2018 - Town Wide Curbside Collection of Branches Has Been Completed

On Tuesday April 11, the Park Ridge DPW completed a second pass on every street in Park Ridge to pick up branches placed at the curb due to the March storm events.  They will no longer being going street-by-street to pick up branches.  Residents can still schedule a curbside branch pickup on the dates listed in the Park Ridge Curbside Collection Schedule (i.e. every other Monday).  The next dates for branch pickup are April 16 and April 30.  Residents should call the Park Ridge Borough Hall at 201-573-1800 by 1:00PM on the Friday before the scheduled pickup date to be put on the branch pickup list.

The complete curbside collection schedule is available at the following link:  Park Ridge Curbside Collection Schedule


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