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Park Ridge Announcements

3/9/2018 - Notice of Special Curbside Branch Pickup - March 19

Please be advised that due to the March 7 snow storm, we are aware that many branches have come down on residents' properties.  To help our residents with the disposal of the branches, we have scheduled a special town wide curbside branch collection starting on Monday March 19th (weather permitting).  We will be going street by street and pick up any branches that are properly cut and placed at the curb.  We will be starting this on Monday March 19, but it will most likely take a few days to complete the pass on every street.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Branches must be cut so they are no longer than 6' in length.
  • Branches must be place near the curb.  Do not place them in the street or far back on your property.
  • We will only pick up small to moderate piles of branches.  If the pile is excessive, we will not pick them up
  • If you need to have an entire tree removed by a contractor, they must dispose of the tree.   It cannot be placed at the curb.

You do not need to call for an appointment for this special collection.  We will be doing one pass on every street in Park Ridge.

If you miss this collection, our normal bi-weekly branch pickup begins on April 2, by appointment only.  For these collections that are scheduled every other week, you must call by 1PM on the Friday before the scheduled dates and get on the collection list.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any question, please feel free to contact the Park Ridge Borough hall at 201-573-1800.



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